Sunday, 24 January 2016

Discover... Mini-Tutorial

I'm calling this card 'DISCOVER'.  
As I was playing with my Distress inks, I discovered a way to make some fantastic background papers that have a distressed look without all the work of distressing.
See how the underlying colour is just peeking out behind the blue?  Love the look!!

So, as many of you saw the other day, Jennifer McGuire made a wonderful set of cards using inked paper, a stencil and water.  She inked the paper, laid the stencil over and then sprayed with water.  Since the Distress inks react with water, she was able to get the stencil impression to show on the ink leaving a wonderful design behind.

Well, I tried the technique but when it was drying I disliked the look so in my effort to save the piece, I rubbed another colour of Distress ink right over the top and loved what happened next. 

So here you go....have fun and enjoy.
Here is what I did.

Step #1

 Here are the supplies you need to get started.

Step #2

Ink your white cardstock by pressing the ink pad and rubbing it all over your paper.
You will be left with a inked piece of paper.
Easy, right?

Step #3

Lay your stencil directly over the inked paper from above and generously spray
with water making sure to cover the whole surface.

 Step #4

This is what it will look like after you spray it with water and remove the stencil.
The impression of the stencil will show through and your paper will look discoloured.
At this point, I wasn't happy with the look so...................

Step #5 an effort to save my piece of cardstock, while still wet, I grabbed my blue ink 
pad that was sitting on my desk and just pressed it all over the paper like I had
done with the Pistachio green above.

Step # 6

Voila!!  Look what happened next. and as it dried it got even more of a distressed look.
 love it!!

 Thanks so much for coming for a look.
Hope you get as much fun creating as I do.

Supplies:   stamp- STAMPlorations/ ink- Distress, Memento/ stencil- Gourmet Stamps/ Mini Mister/ die cut- Memory Box/ MISTI


  1. Love the effect. It's great when you learn something new when trying to "fix" a problem.

    1. yes, I hate throwing pieces out and usually try and rescue them if possible..

  2. Lovely Karen! I don't use my stencils as often as I should!Thanks for sharing your art.

  3. I totally agree with Noreen...but I am headed into my studio right NOW. Thank you, Karen.

  4. Awesome - thanks for showing us how you did this. You rock gf! Hugs!

  5. Wonderful discovery. So glad you shared it too! The card is beautiful!

  6. This looks fabulous, Karen! I must try this myself, Jo x

  7. Love how this turned out Karen. The technique (without the second layer of ink) is called ghosting. I love the look ... very subtle, but pretty. So impressed with you adding another layer of ink and coming up with a totally different look. It's awesome. You are very creative Karen!

  8. Fabulous idea Karen.... Love all your inky tips and tuts
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  9. Gorgeous, love what you have done, looks like you enjoyed "playing"

  10. I must try your new discovery Karen. Off to play:-) You sure know how to inspire my friend. TFS. Hugs, Nancy

  11. Awesome! Some of the best things come from fixing instead of trashing!

  12. Love this, so beautiful! I've been wanting to try this technique with my stencils and now I definitely will!

  13. Love this effect and your card is beautiful.

  14. Ooh, I love this! Have to try it.

  15. Fabulous discovery, a great mini-tutorial and gorgeous card! Thanks!

  16. Fabulous discovery, a great mini-tutorial and gorgeous card! Thanks!

  17. I guess while the glue dries on my woodgrain-to-be paper I'll have to ink up another paper and try this technique. I was going to after I saw Jennifer but how quickly I forget and need another reminder. I'm glad you did with this lovely creation.

  18. that is very cool I think all the distress inks always look better in pairs so, I understood this :) and I love the depth it gives with the other color peeking through :) tfs Karen.

  19. Beautiful card, Karen! The layered inks with the variation from the stencil remind me of the ocean. :) Thanks for sharing the technique. Usually I use more than one ink to begin with but I don't get as good as a result as you did. I like that "peeking." Hee.

  20. Hey! That's really cool. I like the final outcome but you are right about that intermediate piece. That one didn't do it for me either.

  21. Fabulous tutorial, Karen, and I LOVE this card! Wow, the background is amazing, and I love the white flowers against it! Stunning, sweet friend! Warm hugs!

  22. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  23. It really turned out great!

  24. Karen, you are just brilliant. I'll try this!

  25. I've got to try this! Just gorgeous!

  26. Super simple but what a fabulous result. Love it Karen. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Love checking your work out.